Students Actively Learning Entrepreneurial Skills

Action: School Exchange Partnershios (KA229)

PrimMat - Private Secondary School of Entrepreneurship, s.r.o., is involved in the implementation of an international project within the Erasmus + program for the support and development of entrepreneurship education and thinking of secondary school students on behalf of the Czech Republic. The project is implemented by five countries: Belgium, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria.

The aim of the project is to exchange best educational practices to support entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurship, creativity, critical thinking, digital competence, language and presentation skills, to contribute to the personal and professional development of students, to facilitate understanding of the business world.

PrimMat High School has many years of experience in teaching student training companies. Students regularly participate in competitions of student companies at the regional level, as well as competitions with international participation.

The method of project teaching combines knowledge, skills and experience from school and out-of-school environment, students are led to independence, gain new experience through their own practical activities and solving tasks in training companies, their creativity, cooperation and collaboration develops.

The effectiveness of the development of the necessary competencies of pupils is supported by a stimulating educational environment, personal competencies of teachers, access to the material and technical equipment of the school, as well as cooperation with external organizations.

The inclusion of new forms in education thus strengthens the motivation of students, the quality of study results, the development of their abilities and practical skills, entrepreneurship, initiative, independence and teamwork, readiness for professional employment.

As part of the Erasmus + project, PrimMat high school students will prepare and implement the activities of the training travel agency "CK PrimMat TOURS" to support and promote tourism in the Beskydy region. The activities of the travel agency will be presented to the project partners, they will be presented in the Power Point, on the website, in the e-Twinning.


The project is funded by the European Union under the Erasmus + program.