For me, Christmas means definitely the time spent with my family. In the Czech Republic we have some specific Christmas traditions and I would like to tell you about them. First, my most favourite tradition is Christmas sweets baking. I love it! We have lots of kinds to choose from.




On the 24th of December we eat pea soup and fried carp with potato salad. That is typical for the whole Czech Republic, but there are also few things not every Czech family does. Before we start eating our Christmas dinner, we put some money under the table-cloth. The reason for doing so is to have enough money the following year. In addition, to have enough food we put glass on the table, fill it with grain and on the top of it we put one potato .




Another tradition is to have one extra plate and cutlery on the table for the pilgrim. And the last but not least, there is also the "custom", that it is allowed for only one designated person to leave the table after the dinner to get ready for other Christmas tradition activities. If someone would leave the Christmas table before everyone is done with eating, it is believed that your family won't be together next year.


After that we all gather by the Christmas tree and unwrap our Christmas gifts.


So that is a little sneak peak to our Christmas traditions.

I wish you Merry Christmas that you have always dreamed of!