PrimMat- Private entrepreneurship high school

has been included in the network of secondary schools since the 1992/1993 school year. As the first private vocational high school in the region, non-traditional educational study programs were introduced, which were lacking in the region that time, following up with the onset of a market economy. The difference in the concept of the school's educational program was and still is in the two-professional education of pupils and thus a higher degree of applicability of graduates into the real life´s practice. The four-year field study for primary school graduates in Economics and Entrepreneurship, 63-41-M / 01, offers to those interested an option of another professional focus:


Focus 01:

services in tourism, ie expertise in economic - business as well as expertise in the provision of services in tourism, incl. management of hotels, restaurants….

Focus 02: 

building construction, ie economic - business expertise and as well as technical expertise, ie study of building construction.

Focus 03:

internet services and applications, ie expertise in economic - business and as well as perspective IT specialization in programming and web design.


The school's innovation program has also included the introduction of its own professional subject Entrepreneurship (one of the graduation subjects) into the secondary school teaching, being relevant to the other professional subjects. Students´ solutions to real assignments from practice play the important role of the school's educational concept, as well as a practical form of education in partnering intership companies. The school thus supports the development of creativity and entrepreneurship of students, their ability to apply theoretical knowledge into the real practice during their studies. 

Practical skills are further developed by students´ five-week internship relevant to the chosen study focus. In order to improve the professional and language competencies of pupils, the school provides a continuous foreign internship in a hotel complex located by the sea for those interested.

Teaching at PrimMat Secondary School is supported by the necessary equipment - two ICT classrooms, data projectors and PCs in the classroom, portable laptops for teachers and students, as well as their own electronic materials for study and home preparation. The school also implements projects to support the modernization of teaching, quality language, mathematics and vocational education. The projects are co-financed by the European Social Fund and the state budget of the Czech Republic.

The school is being proud of success in various professional, social science, language and sports competitions in the region, the whole Czech Republic and in international competitions as well. Equally valuable is the positive evaluation of PrimMat Secondary School by its graduates, who by their vote placed their "high school" on the leading position in the Moravian-Silesian Region. We appreciate the fact that our graduates have created over 300 jobs in the labor market in the region through their business activities and that they are spreading its good name abroad as well.

PrimMat High School has its own building with relaxed and friendly atmosphere, partnership, respect for the pupil's personality, helpful staff and willingness to help.